Lack of RSVP’s

July 11th, 2012

When planning any event, nothing can be more stressful than a lack of RSVPs. A wedding ceremony and reception is no different. How many chairs and tables should be set? How much food should the caterer supply? How many people does the cake need to be able to feed? And how much space do you need for dancing? A list of these questions can span for pages and pages, and every answer is determined by an estimated head count. How can you get that accurate estimate?

For centuries, the etiquette of a proper RSVP has been common knowledge. Once an invitation was received the invitee would make a phone call, send a letter, maybe even a carrier pigeon, making their intentions known to the inviter. This was considered a polite and simple courtesy. So what has changed?

Technology has made convenience a requirement. In today’s world, is it convenient to receive a wedding announcement in the mail, take time to locate your phone, dial the number, and offer your RSVP? Is it anymore convenient to receive a hard copy wedding announcement, log on to your computer, look up the proper address, and email your intentions? It’s no wonder the RSVP has become endangered in our society. Communication has become too easy, and therefore what takes anytime is too difficult.

Electronic wedding announcements are the perfect solution for saving your time and your guests’, and cancel out any excuse for a lack of RSVPs. Your announcements are emailed to all your family and friends. Conveniently, they receive your invitation while already situated at their computer. Sending their intentions to you is as simple as clicking reply. Thanks to the creation of the ewedding announcement, the RSVP is revived.

Kaitlin Sorensen, Contributor

Having a Green Wedding

July 2nd, 2012

Wedding traditions have become a bit excessive, and this has an impact on our environment.  Every wedding this year (2.5 million in the United States) will produce roughly 62 tons of carbon dioxide and 400-600 pounds of garbage. Brides and grooms can cut costs and environmental impact significantly by breaking free of nonessential wedding traditions.
1-Use Electronic Invitations
Instead of spending gobs of money on a box full of paper and ink (and hundreds of envelopes to boot, along with gallons and gallons of fuel for delivery), send out invitations online.  This is one of the biggest ways to cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint.  You can also send out “thank-you” cards electronically.
2. Recycle Clothing
Use simple, reusable wedding clothing. Just because you’ll only do this doesn’t mean that dress only has to be worn once. Given that you’ll have some nice pictures of the dress, it doesn’t have to be wrapped and stored in a shrine of plastic until your future daughter can maybe wear it in 25+ years. Consider donating or selling the dress, or even have it altered for less formal wear (remove puffy sleeves, for instance). Better yet, rent a dress, or purchase a used one. Encourage the wedding party to wear simple clothing they can wear again, to church or other events.
Even those tiny little rings can have a huge environmental impact when you thing about all that goes into diamond mining and gold production. Opt for vintage rings or family heirloom rings, or even consider getting your ring fingers tatooed.
3. Waste Not and Support Your Locale
Use only re-usable dishes and cups in your catering, and use organic, locally-grown, seasonal food since it takes less to produce and deliver. Using meat sparingly - since meat production is costly and environmentally taxing - will also be respected enormously.
Also try to use only fresh, locally-grown flowers to support your community and use less energy in production and delivery. Send flowers or small potted plants home as gifts to your guests.
5. Discourage Gift Wrapping
Ask people to make monetary donations to yourselves via your bank, or ask for donations to your favorite charity. Simply asking guests to skip the gift wrapping can save a few trees.
Jessica Walters, Contributor

Second Marriage

June 25th, 2012

“How lucky to be blessed twice in Marriage. It was my belief one loves only once. I am happy to be wrong.”  - Harriet Smith, Emma 2006

Whether it’s your first or second wedding, the level of sanctity of the union is the same, so why not the level of speciality? You deserve happiness, and you deserve to celebrate finding it with someone you love and plan to be with for the rest of your life. While many couples being joined for their second marriage opt for a smaller, more simple event, not everyone shares the same desire, and this is perfectly okay.

It is not required to make adjustments for a second wedding. Your guest list does not have to shrink. Your desire for love hasn’t dwindled, so why should your list of friends of whom you want to celebrate with? Remember those gorgeous wedding announcements you were dying to use? Use them! Many couples choose to have a quiet ceremony and tell their friends later. This can be a good choice if you don’t relish the idea of planning a major event. However, if subtlety is not your style, don’t feel the need to hold back. Today you have the convenience of the internet at your finger tips, and electronic wedding invitations are a big hit. Not only can they be delivered instantly, but they also remove the hassle of collecting addresses and paying for postage, both of which can be daunting tasks and discourage you from inviting everyone you want to share this time with. You didn’t settle with your life companion, so don’t settle with how you celebrate your wedding day.

Kaitlin Sorensen, Contributor


March 19th, 2012

Ricki was an East Coast girl with a large extended family scattered all across the United States, Canada and Ireland. She worked a routine 9-5 job, had never married and lived at home. Over the years, Ricki’s parents begged her to “do something with her life” and broaden her horizons. Yet Ricki’s response was always “I know my job is boring but it pays the bills. I hope you people weren’t expecting the next Bill Gates.” Secretly, Ricki felt stuck and didn’t know what to do.

When Ricki was 46, her mother died suddenly. Ricki was devastated because they had been so close. One night when preparing for bed, she burst into uncontrollable tears. As she cried, she heard her mother’s voice saying “It’s now or never Ricki. Now or never. You’ve got to Go for It.” In that moment, Ricki realized she had to break out of her self-imposed prison and ‘Go For It’……whatever ‘It’ was.

Fast forward one year later and Ricki was in Ireland on a photography junket with a group of wildly adventurous photography buffs. The leader of the group was a tall, handsome Irishman named Ryan. He and Ricki were immediately smitten and fell deeply in love over their six-week tour of picturesque Irish countrysides, remote castles, quaint farm towns and lively pubs. The day Ricki was supposed to fly home, Ryan bent down on one knee and tearfully proposed. Ricki accepted.

As Ricki and Ryan planned their wedding in Ireland, they selected to announce their wedding plans to family and friends across the globe. The couple loved the idea of a digital wedding invitation they could personalize with their own unique love story, music and multiple photographs and then share with family and friends all over the world. Having an elegant digital wedding invitation was the perfect solution to expensive postage and long delivery times. The ease of emailing their digital wedding invitation and being able to update it, should last minute changes occur, made’s digital wedding invitation the ideal choice for them. Ricki and Ryan were very pleased with how beautiful their digital wedding invitation looked and how much time and money it saved them.

J. Kelly Chase Contributor

From the Moment We Met

March 12th, 2012

The journey to finding a spouse can be a winding road of unexpected twists, periods of walking alone as well as the joyful anticipation of moving forward on the path with a new partner. We all want to be loved at the deepest levels of our being. We all want to share our lives with someone we truly care about…someone who will always nurture, respect, love and cherish us.

Most couples will agree that from the moment they met, their first meeting was different. On that day, circumstances lined up in a unique, wonderful and highly memorable way. Instead of saying to themselves, “Oh no this is not the person for me,” their brain automatically told them “Yes this is THE ONE or someone so close I would love to spend the rest of my life with him or her.” Instinctively, they knew that the man or woman standing in front of them was the one they had been looking for…perhaps praying for…..and definitely dreaming about.

Executing a wedding, whether large or small, can be overwhelming for most couples. All of a sudden you are both dealing with finding a venue, caterers, photographers, invitations, florists, etc. Things you both must have to make your wedding day unforgettable are being mutually agreed upon. Budgets are being created. Guest lists are being reviewed. In reality, your wedding is your first joint venture. This is the project you will both stamp your joint characters, tastes and preferences on months, if not years, before heading up to the honeymoon suite. During this time, there could be some really awkward, frustrating moments but the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support you offer one another will make the wedding day that much sweeter. During this time, it is important to endure through the challenges and share the joyful moments with friends. Sharing your story, sharing your love brings happiness to those around you. It expands the circle of love. is built around more than just an invitation. It is about sharing those happy times.

Love is a gift that we bestow upon our spouse. Marital love grows richer with time, working through life challenges and accomplishing goals. It is not by chance that we draw to us the perfect spouse to help us learn and grow. We soon realize how blessed we are to have found the person who allows us to blossom in ways that produce deep happiness and personal transformation. Marriage is a sacred journey uniting two people who become bigger and better than they would have been walking the path alone.

J. Kelly Chase Contributor